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  TSM® started renting this field in 1997. It was in poor condition and a lot of people said it would never produce more than 100 bushels of corn per acre. That first year we averaged 119 bu/acre using the TSM® program. Now, after 12 years, this field has produced 232 bu/acre.

The purpose of the 2008 corn and soybean hybrid trials is to showcase some of the main varieties produced by DeKalb® and Dyna-Gro®, and to determine the best hybrids for growing in East Central Illinois.

2008 TSM® Research Farm
Corn Hybrid Variety Trial

Corn Yields (bu/acre)

Seed VarietyMoistureYield
  DeKalb - RX78517.5%232
  DeKalb - DK61-6917.1%230
  DeKalb - DK63-4218.4%227
  Dyna-Gro - V5383VT318.3%223
  Dekalb - DK64-2417.5%219
  Dyna-Gro 57V7017.4%218
  Dyna-Gro 57V4416.6%218
  DeKalb - RX67417.5%217
  Dyna-Gro 57V4316.3%215
  Dyna-Gro - V5293VT318.4%212
  DeKalb - DK58-1616.3%198
  Dyna-Gro 57V3017.8%191
Trial Average217
The TSM® E budget was the fertility program used. (The various budget levels of the TSM® program are explained in the topic "Fertilizer Budgets".) Soil analysis was done by A&L Great Lakes Laboratories in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The following amounts of fertilizer were applied:
    DAP - 75 lbs/A
    Potash - 150 lbs/A
    TSM® Micronutrients - 50 lbs/A
    ESN nitrogen - 455 lbs/A (200 lbs actual nitrogen/A)

Degree ExtraTM and Roundup PowerMAXTM herbicides were used at recommended rates on this field. Aztec® insecticide was applied at planting even though all these corn hybrids have corn rootworm tolerance.  

2008 TSM® Research Farm
Soybean Hybrid Variety Trial

Soybean Yields (bu/acre)

Seed VarietyMoistureYield
  Dyna-Gro - 32C3811.8%74.6
  Dyna-Gro - 37P3712.0%70.7
  Dyna-Gro - 37J3411.8%70.6
  Dyna-Gro - V31V712.3%70.2
  Dyna-Gro - 35Y3611.8%68.8
  Dyna-Gro - V34N911.8%67.8
  Dyna-Gro - V32N812.0%64.4
  Dyna-Gro - 33C3211.9%59.6
Trial Average68.3

2008 Corn Population Trial
TSM® Research Farm, Catlin, IL

Corn Yields (bu/acre)

Plant Population
(plants per acre)
DeKalb 64-24
yield bu/A
DeKalb RX785
yield bu/A

2008 Aztec® Trial on Corn
TSM® Research Farm, Catlin, IL

Corn Yields (bu/acre)

Aztec® Rate
per 1000 ft. row
DeKalb 61-69
yield bu/A
DeKalb 63-42
yield bu/A
No Aztec®223241232
3.4 oz.228236232
5.0 oz.226246236
6.7 oz.255237246

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email:  Randy Simonson

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