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Difficult Planting

By Randy Simonson, Ph.D.
Technical Services Manager

Spring was rough.  We like many of you had a hard time getting the crop planted.  I was able to plant the corn at the main Catlin farm on May 5, however, we received 5.5 inches of rain within the next week.  Consequently, I had to replant over half of that corn.  The rest of the corn was planted from May 22 to May 27.  The soybeans were planted on May 29.

Everything looks good now although we cannot expect exceptional yields this year due to late planting.  I think we can still get average yields, depending upon if we get the rain in July.  According to the Purdue Corn and Soybean Field Guide, planting corn on May 26 instead of on May 1 will reduce yields by about eight percent.  In soybeans, a planting delay from May 20 to May 30 reduces yields by about five percent.

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