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TSM 2001 Research Plots

By Randy Simonson, Ph.D.
Technical Services Manager

Yields were pretty good this year on the Catlin Research Farm.  It was looking like an exceptional growing season until the weather turned a little dry in August.  We actually had some corn that was curling (not the Olympic sport).

The TSM A budget came out on top with an average yield of 191 bu./acre.  After TSM A  came TSM E, then Conventional, U of IL, Tri-State and finally TSM I.   The TSM I is a very low budget, which does not have much fertilizer applied to it.  However, it still did very well on the soybeans.  While TSM A did the best and TSM E did slightly less, TSM I was third and it tied or bettered all the other treatments.

2001 TSM Research Farm
Corn Fertility Trial

Corn Yields (bu/acre)
Kruger K-9111

TreatmentRep 1Rep 2Rep 3Rep 4Rep 5Mean
TSM A181205201175193191
TSM E186197191182184188
TSM I175185190171169178
U of IL180200204176170186

2001 TSM Research Farm
Soybean Fertility Trial

Soybeans (bu/acre)
Kruger K-3777/SCN

TreatmentRep 1Rep 2Rep 3Rep 4Rep 5Mean
TSM A63.370.068.163.965.666.2
TSM E59.067.367.365.666.965.2
TSM I54.767.663.362.169.063.3
U of IL56.459.367.453.062.859.8

Looking at the nine-year averages for this research farm, we see the TSM E averaging better than all other treatments.  However, in the last four years, TSM A has done the same or better than TSM E on corn.

1993-2001 TSM Research Farm
Catlin, Illinois

Corn Yields (bu/acre)

TSM A140202160152175174217191191178
TSM E135216163161185173217189188181
TSM I135202157146169163210183178171
U of IL127209160151182170215178186175

1993-2001 TSM Research Farm
Catlin, Illinois

Soybean Yields (bu/acre)

TSM A57584353645272606658
TSM E62734457615572646561
TSM I58654054605262556357
U of IL56653856575265606057

We also had a research plot on one of our rented farms.  This plot compared TSM E to HeadStart. HeadStart is the same, as TSM except it does not have the micronutrients in it. Adding the micros produced 9 bu./acre more corn.

2001 TSM Research Farm
Oakwood, Illinois

Corn (bu/acre)
Kruger K-9212

TreatmentRep 1Rep 2Rep 3Rep 4Rep 5Rep 6Mean

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