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Kent's Korner

Is it August already?  It seems strange to not be getting ready for MAGIE.  After working with MAGIE since "day-one", I have retired from it.  This year I will attend as an exhibitor and be able to sit in our booth.

By the way, we have the newest model soil probes for sale.  Check this out, you don't have leave your seat and it can be mounted in a cab of a vehicle.

I am still working with the composting industry trying to get granular composted manure incorporated into the agriculture market.  I really feel this will be a good product to incorporate into our soil fertility program.  We grew almost 90 bushels of soybeans per acre on the new research farm last year using composted chicken manure.  The soil test was very low (P1 test of 13 lbs/acre).

We're looking forward to holding a summer training session at Catlin on September 11 (day before MAGIE).

Did you know that Kruger Seed varieties win more third-party trials than any other seed company?  They are the USA's fastest growing seed company.

We are steadily working on the new TSM® soils program. It is coming along great.  We will be testing it very soon.

TSM® Golf Course program will be released very soon.  It will be the first "program approach" marketing attempted in the golf course market.  It has already been tried and tested.  Is this industry going to see a dramatic improvement?  You can count on it.  You want to be a part of this?  Call me.

Congratulations to the members of the 25% Club this year: (Any dealer who increases their acres through TSM® over last year by 25% or more)

Helena Chemical Company - Boles, IL

Agway Crop Center - Bernardston, MA

Honorable mention:
(Any dealer who has increased acres over last year by 1% to 24%)

3-D Chemical, St. Martinsville, LA
Catlin Ag - Catlin, IL
New Horizon - DeWitt, IA
Crop Production Services - Clinton, IA
Agway Crop Center - Caledonia, NY
Agway Crop Center -Knowlesville, NY
Agway Crop Center - North Collins, NY
Reading Bone Fertilizer - Coplay, PA

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