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MicroStart 60 Plots

By Randy Simonson
Technical Services Manager

MicroStart 60 is pelletized, composted chicken manure with an analysis of 3-3-3 with micronutrients and is 60% organic matter.  It is produced by Perdue/AgriRecyle (actually the chickens produce it) and sold through TSM®.  Our main purpose was to see what happens when we apply the manure according to different TSM® lbs-to-balance levels. We used three pounds-to-balance levels for phosphorus: +100, +200 and +300.

We had one treatment (TSM® Max) where we applied enough manure to supply all the crop's nitrogen need until the P1 test gets to 300 lbs/acre, although we are not there yet. We also have regular TSM®, University of Illinois and Tri-State treatments with and without 185 lbs MicroStart 60/acre in the corn and 125 lbs MicroStart 60/acre in the soybeans.  These treatments with MicroStart 60 are designated MM treatments.

The yields correlate very well with the amount of MicroStart 60.  The more MicroStart 60 that was applied, the higher the yield.  The only places this did not hold true was TSM® +300 which yielded slightly lower than TSM® + 200, and TSM® Max in one corn hybrid, and TSM® +300 in soybeans which again was slightly lower than TSM® +200.

2002 TSM Research Farm
MicroStart 60 Test Plots


TreatmentsMicroStart 60 K-9211 K-9910 Mean
(lbs/acre)(bu/acre) (bu/acre)bu/acre)
TSM E 0159152155
TSM MM185157153155
TSM Max7200172173173
TSM +1005000157171164
TSM +2006300173170171
TSM +3009100162175169
U of IL0152151151
U of IL MM185154152153
Tri-State MM 185155153154


TreatmentsMicroStart 60K-377 RR
TSM E064
TSM MM12563
TSM Max920072
TSM +100350070
TSM +200520071
TSM +300630068
U of IL 062
U of IL MM125 60
Tri-State 063
Tri-State MM12559


See pictures of our first MicroStart 60 Plot

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