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May 2003 Articles

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2003 Season

By Randy Simonson, Ph. D.
Technical Services Manager

So far, the crops are getting in a little faster than last year.  We planted the corn on April 23 and 24 with two Kruger® hybrids and two Mycogen® hybrids.  One of the Mycogen® hybrids is one of the new Herculex® hybrids.  The Mycogen® is courtesy of John Witter.

The insecticide and herbicides we are using this year are from Syngenta.  Force® insecticide was applied with the planter.  Lumax® was applied pre-emerge right after I planted the corn.  TouchDown® will be used on the soybeans.

We planted the soybeans at the main farm to two Kruger® varieties on May 13. Two other fields going to soybeans have yet to be planted due to wet weather.
All the soybeans this year are Roundup Ready®.  I still like my conventional soybeans but with most of the farmers using Roundup Ready® I feel I also need to use them.

Some of the things we have trials on this year include a nitrogen study using Duration® Controlled Release Urea from Agrium® compared to urea and sidedress UAN.  Also, we are again testing N-Texx® on corn and soybeans.  And we have a pelletized lime study with Allerton Supply Co®.

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