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November 2003 Articles

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Corn Research Plots

By Randy Simonson, Ph. D.
Technical Services Manager
This has been an interesting time of harvest. The corn is yielding great in many areas across the corn belt.   Our main TSM® plots here at Catlin, Illinois produced record corn yields. The TSM® E plots averaged 222 bu./acre over five reps and two hybrids, with one plot going 251 bu./acre. This is the highest yielding corn we have ever produced!

The corn was planted on April 23 using two early (107 & 108 rm) Kruger® hybrids.  These two hybrids worked well for me last year, but if you look at the hybrid trial, you see that several other longer maturity hybrids did better.  This year, the longer maturing corn and soybeans yielded the best.  On occasion, a shorter season variety will yield very well, but if you can wait to harvest, the longer maturities are the way to go.

In corn last year, I had a couple of good short season hybrids - K-9410 and K-9910 Bt.  This year the K-9910 Bt did well, but the K9410 yielded 27 bu/acre less on TSM® E than the K-9910 Bt.  In the hybrid trial, there was an even greater difference of 40 bu/acre.  Now, was it the Bt trait that was causing the big yield increase?  I am sure it accounted for something but not everything.

TSM® E yielded the best in both corn hybrids.  The other fertility treatments produced less with some doing a little better with one hybrid than the other.  The table of the means of the two hybrids showed that after TSM® E came TSM® A and University of Illinois recs which both averaged 218 bu./acre. TSM® I was close behind at 217 bu./acre, then came Tri-State and Conventional treatments.

I would like to thank the people that supplied some of the inputs for the research farm.  Mike Kimmerly at Specialty Fertilizer Products® provided the TSM® Pre-Mix for all the TSM® plots.  Alan Blaylock of Agrium supplied ESN® controlled release nitrogen for the corn plots.  Dennis Cox with Kruger Seed® provided corn and soybean seed.  John Witter of TSM® also supplied Mycogen® corn seed.  Tom Kelly at Syngenta® supplied us with herbicides (Lumax® and Touchdown®) and the insecticide (Force®).  Kyle Luther with Nitragin® gave us Cell-Tech® soybean inoculant for the soybean plots.  Jeff Brown from Allerton Supply Company® supplied Granu-Cal® for the research farm.

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