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Grower Bulletin Service Available

We would like to update you on the Grower Bulletin Service that we have available.  We send out a "Grower Version" of the newsletter similar to the ones you receive in your offices. This service was started beginning in November 1994 with only two TSM® Dealers subscribing to the complete service.

At that time, we also had several TSM® Dealers who wanted some sent directly to their plant or offices where they could distribute the newsletters themselves. We have small and large TSM® Dealers using this service.  One dealer sends out 98 newsletters and one sends out only 14 newsletters.  Total circulation mailed from this office is now over 1,000.

What does this service cost?  All we charge for this service is the cost of the postage, and this depends on how many we send out for you and the total number sent in the presorted standard mailing.

To give you an example, one TSM® Dealer sends out 14 Grower Bulletins. The dealer's cost was just $3.75.  Another TSM® Dealer sends out 98 Grower Bulletins.  His cost was just $26.26 per month, or $13.13 if he is a contracted dealer and if he applies the charge to his matching dollar funds.

If you would like to subscribe to this service you can call, email or fax Meni at the TSM® Main Office or call your TSM® Account Executive.  We can tell you what you need to do to get started on the mailings for your customers!

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