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November 2003 Articles

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2003 Soybean Research Plots

By Randy Simonson, Ph. D.
Technical Services Manager

Soybean yields around the area are down.  Most yields around here are in the 30's.  Soybeans on the TSM® Research Farm did not do too badly in comparison.  The yields on our main farm yielded from 54 to 58 bu./acre.  This is a little less than average, but not bad considering the year.

The eleven-year mean for TSM® E is 62 bu./acre, so we are only four bu./acre off the mean.  TSM® E again came out on top with the Tri-State recommendations a close second.  The rest of the fertility treatments produced 54 or 55 bu./acre.

There are a couple of things that helped us increase yields.  Of course the TSM® program produced better yields, but even the universities and the conventional plots did rather well.  The Nitragin® soybean inoculant gives us about two added bu./acre.

But I think the most critical thing this year was the soybean variety selection.  As we look at the variety trial, there is a huge variation among different varieties.  The 15 Kruger® soybean varieties we tested ranged in yield from a low of 31.6 bu./acre to a high of 70.2 bu./acre.

I think picking the right corn hybrid and the right soybean variety really made a big difference this year.  In general, like the corn, the later varieties did better than the early varieties. Also, the soybean varieties with SCN resistance tended to do better.
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