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  Looking Back at Soybean Yields
       By Randy Simonson, Ph. D.
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The 11-year mean for soybean yields at the TSM® Research Farm continues to show TSM® E as the high-yielding treatment.  TSM® E averaged 62 bu./acre over the past 11 years, with TSM® A and the Tri-State recommendations coming in second at 60 bu./acre.  The U of IL treatment averaged the least with 57 bu./acre.  While 57 bu./acre is still a good soybean yield, with the high price of soybeans these days a 5-bu./acre difference from what the TSM® E treatment produced is a substantial loss in revenue.

1993-2003 TSM® Research Farm
Catlin, Illinois

Soybean Yields (bu/acre)
TSM® A575843536452726066765460
TSM® E627344576155726465755862
TSM® I586540546052625563725558
U of IL566538565752656060675457

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