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  Charting Progress
       By Randy Simonson, Ph. D.
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Here are a couple of interesting charts showing the corn and soybean yields for the TSM® E treatment over the past 11 years.  Then we added a linear line to show how the corn and soybeans yields are slowly increasing over time.

The corn is increasing faster with an average of 3.9 bu./acre per year and an average increase of 2.1% per year.  The soybeans only increased yields at a rate of 0.6 bu./acre per year with an average increase of 1% per year.

I think there are a couple of main factors in increasing yields over time.  The first is that the TSM® program is getting the soil more into balance.  We often tell growers that it may take two or three or four years before the soil really gets into balance where they can see a difference in their crops.  The second factor is genetics.  The seed companies work very hard to breed crops that will yield more.

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