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  Crops Are Ahead of Schedule
      By Randy Simonson, Ph. D.
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The corn is really looking good and is way ahead of schedule.  The old saying is "knee high by the fourth of July".  How about tasseling by the fourth?  Some of the corn around here is starting to tassel. The corn on the main farm was planted on May 6 and the other corn fields were planted on May 7.  Two Kruger hybrids, K-9313 and K-9910 YGCB, and two Mycogen hybrids, 2A812 HXI and 2G768 HXI, were used at the research farms.

We used Lumax® and Force® from Syngenta® on all the corn. Agrium® provided the nitrogen for the corn in the form of their new polymer-coated, slow release urea called ESN®.  Specialty Fertilizer Products supplied the TSM® Pre-Mix for all the TSM® plots and Allerton Supply Company provided pelletized lime.

A local equipment dealer, Glascock Equipment, allowed us to use two unique Great Plains items.  The first is called the Turbo-Till® and is used for vertical tillage.  It cuts up the residue, but leaves much of it on the surface.  The second piece of equipment is a twin row planter.  Instead of one row, it plants a pair of rows 8 inches apart.  The benefit of this is that you get greater spacing of the corn plants, more light interception and a regular 30-inch combine head can be used to harvest the corn.

The soybeans are looking very good also.  We started planting the soybeans on May 8, but did not get done until May 29.  Rain in May kept us out of the fields.  FirstRate® and GlyphoMax® from Dow® AgroSciences were post applied to kill the weeds.  Optimize® soybean inoculant from Nitragin®, Inc. also was used.  We used three different Kruger® soybean varieties, K-393RR/SCN, K-380RR/SCN and
K-282RR/SCN.  These varieties were high yielders in our soybean variety trials last year.

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