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  Cycling Up, and Down
       By Randy Simonson, Ph. D.
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We soil sample each plot on the TSM® farm every year.  These soil tests show some interesting things.  The chart has the phosphorus and potassium soil test levels for each year over the last 11 years.  In the past we thought these tests would not change much, but as you can see they move up and down from year to year.  We talk about cycling at our grower meetings and here is a perfect example of it.

The phosphorus and potassium levels generally move together from year to year.  Sometimes the changes are small, and at other times the changes are great.  The main thing this chart shows is the importance of soil sampling often.  We recommend soil sampling every year so that you know exactly where your nutrient levels are.  Then we can make the best possible fertilizer recommendation for the field.

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