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TSM® Celebrates 20 Years of Service
By Kent Durbin, CEO

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Age of Business:  20 years, since July 1984

Owned by:
Kent E. Durbin MS, CPAg, CCA (now retired) and Charlene Durbin

I.   How TSM® Services, Inc. Was Started

Kent grew up in central Illinois.  His father Paul E. Durbin, who held a B. S. and M. S. from the University of Illinois in Urbana, IL, started the Farmer City Fertilizer Company in 1952 in Farmer City, IL.   The fertilizer plant contained its own soil laboratory that Kent worked in as a teenager.  Including these years, Kent has had over 50 years of experience in the soil fertility area.

Kent played football during high school and also during the two years he was at Illinois State University (Normal), Normal, IL.  After he was injured in football he transferred to the University of Illinois where he obtained a B. S. in Agriculture and later his M. S.

He taught vocational Agriculture and General Science in high school for six years.  He was then an agronomist for 20 years with a large independent fertilizer company, which had several satellite retail plants and a large wholesale division.  In the early 1970's he developed a soil fertility program which was first put into the field in 1978.

Kent started TSM® Services, Inc. in 1984 using the basics of the program he developed in the 1970's.  He continually improved and upgraded the program to keep it current.  Kent is currently retired.

Kent was active in the Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association and other associations in most of the states TSM® operates in.  He was a member of the American Society of Agronomy and the Danville Area Chamber of Commerce Ag Council.

Kent can be contacted by e-mail at:  kentd@tsmser.com

II.  What does TSM® Do?

TSM® Services, Inc. is in the business of providing a specialized soil fertility program called Total Soil Management® for over 90 different crops on all soil types. The program is marketed to the grower through fertilizer dealers and is presently being used in fourteen states in the US.

TSM® uses a copyrighted "in-house" computer program to generate fertilizer recommendations for growers.  The Total Soil Management® concept has been field tested since 1979 and a 20-acre research farm was established in 1993 to substantiate our claims.  Since that time, plot data has been accumulated from four different locations around Catlin, Illinois; from research farms located in Iowa and Ohio; from independent researchers; and finally from the fertilizer dealers and their farmers.  As of 2003, a summary of plot data shows that the TSM® program out-performs other types of fertility programs 88% of the time.  Therefore, the agronomy of the TSM® fertility program means more profit to growers.

III.  How is TSM® Marketed?

TSM® also provides an innovative marketing program to the fertilizer dealer. A complete list of these locations can be found by clicking here (www.totalsoil.com).   Dealers will be provided a way to use "program" selling of fertilizer and will be given the option of using brand-named formulations of a fertilizer consisting of phosphorus, potash, and a proprietary micronutrient product formulated by TSM®.

The combination of a comprehensive soil fertility program and an innovative marketing program makes our company unique.  Because of the ability to provide third party recommendations to growers, and the ability to provide a unique market-protected program to dealers, we have a very loyal following of customers.   Other companies have tried to copy the concept, but to our knowledge, no one has been successful.

IV.  TSM® is Very Strong on Research

We are very strong in the research arena of soil fertility and fertilizer related products.  With our research farm and the data that goes along with it, we are able to keep our customers on the cutting edge of soil fertility.  TSM® also has strong relationships with many soil labs, six different micronutrient manufacturers, and several support companies and suppliers vital to the business.

V.  Anything Else New?

Finally, there would be a fit for the TSM® program into niche markets such as lawn and garden, golf courses, etc.

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