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TSM Plot Results

By Randy Simonson, Ph.D.
Technical Services Manager

Here are the results from some more TSM research plots. Actually, these are Edge Plant Nutrition plots. Edge Plant Nutrition is the name Agway uses for the TSM program. Below are the results from four corn plots. One was harvested for grain, and the other three were harvested for silage. All of them showed a nice yield increase with the Edge Plant Nutrition program.

Five Points Farm, Northfield, MA
Mike Stachowicz - Agway Salesman
TreatmentsYield (bu/acre)
Edge Plant Nutrition211
Edge Plant Nutrition204

H. Larrebee Farm, Thorndike, ME
Al Fortin - Agway Salesman
TreatmentsYield (tons/acre)
Edge Plant Nutrition28

John Perkins Farm, Plymouth, NH
Glen Hurd - Agway Salesman
TreatmentsYield (tons/acre)
Plot #1
Edge Plant Nutrition38.5
Plot #2
Edge Plant Nutrition29.25

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