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Online With TSM®

By The Wizard

TSM Services updates its web site on a monthly basis and is ready for your viewing pleasure. Check it out at www.tsmser.com. We have lots of interesting things for you to check out such as the Infarmation articles and the TSM Mission Statements. Be sure to tell us what you think of the web site.

You will notice that you have three choices when you first link up to the TSM web site. The first choice takes you to the TSM Home Page. From the TSM Home Page you can go to InFarmation Page to see what articles are available on-line and then choose one to read. You can also go to the TSM Dealers Page to see all the states where TSM is currently doing business. Then there is the Personnel Directory Page to see who is working at TSM and ADM for you. The TSM Mission Statements are now online for you to check out.

We will have most of the InFarmation Newsletter articles on-line and will add to them each month. Pay special attention to the TSM Scoreboard on the TSM Home Page and the InFarmation articles associated with it. The monthly puzzle will be on line along with the answers and the winners. Check out the quiz pages. We have two quizzes to check out your agronomic knowledge.

The second choice will take you to the ADM Home Page where you can view some maps and learn more about Precision Ag. You can check out the Links Page to link up with other Ag related sites that might be of interest to you.

The third choice will take you to the TSM Guest Book sign in form where you may sign in.

The TSM web site will be constantly changing as new articles are written, new products are added, and new services become available. So check it out and check it often. If you find any mistakes, please email or call and tell us what needs to be corrected. Keep watching this space in the TSM InFarmation for our latest progress on getting you on-line with TSM®.

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Send mail to The Wizard with questions or comments about this web site.
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