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Kent's Korner

By Kent Durbin, President
TSM Services, Inc.

My wife Charlene and I have just returned home after a week in our newest territory - Louisiana. Eddie Mayeux, our TSM® Account Executive and his wife Sherrie were great hosts. The area where Eddie and Sherrie live is below sea level. They usually receive 60 inches of rain annually; however, this past year they received only 30 inches. Most of the bayous are dry. Since the soil is dry, the farmers are working in the field. I saw sweet potatoes being planted and corn ground being prepared to plant.

How about a trivia question. We have a new crop at TSM® called Crawfish. Anyone who can tell me what a good yield goal would be for Crawfish, I will send a nice prize. We know what it is. Lets see if any of you know. FAX or email your answers to Randy Simonson at our Catlin Office.

During this week, we were able to sign up 2 new dealers:
3-D Chemical, Inc., St. Martinsville, LA
Paul Wall Farm Service, Mansura, LA

We have others interested. Larry and Ron will pursue these prospects in a couple of weeks.

The Ft. Wayne, Indiana Conference has come and gone. There was a full house. The new location at Holiday Inn was great. Next is Cedar Falls, Iowa and then Catlin, Illinois.

The week of the 21st, Randy Simonson and I make our run across the East. The 22nd is at State College, PA, the 23rd is at West Springfield, MA and the 24th is Waterloo, NY. Wayne Christensen of FRIT Industries and Pat Musser of Chem-A-Co will travel with us on this trip. After the Waterloo, NY conference the others will head home while I board an airplane for Salisbury, MD. Friday I meet with the Board of Directors of Perdue Farms. Perdue Farms raises a lot of chickens and turkeys. As they compost and pelletize their manure, they are interested in getting TSM® to think about providing a fertility program using pelletized manure. Are we interested? I would say that we are very interested.

Our manure project in Ohio we have been working on is at a "stand still"!

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