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TSM Research Farm

By Randy Simonson, Ph.D.
Technical Services Manager

This has been a fairly good spring for getting the crops planted at the research farm. We soil sampled and fertilized all our plots last fall with the exception of a new 10-acre field we rented just north of Catlin. This is the Walker farm and we are using most of it to test pelletized chicken manure. We are basically comparing the normal TSM E, University of IL and the Tri-State recommendations to various manure management recommendations. Below are the treatments.

Walker Farm - Corn and Soybeans

Pelletized Chicken Manure Plots:

We planted corn on April 26 & 27. Three hybrids are being used this year, Kruger 9012 which is a new, high yielding hybrid, Novartis 6423 which yielded very well for us last year, and a newer Novartis hybrid called N70-D5 which I have heard some very good reports about. Lorsban was used to control corn rootworms and Helena's KickStart was applied as a seed treatment to provide extra insect and disease control.

The soybeans were planted April 28 & 29, and May 1. Last year we used an excellent Novartis variety S33-N1 that yielded between 70 and 80 Bu/acre for us. However, we could not get that variety and they substituted a new variety X9938. It is resistant to soybean cyst nematodes and is not Roundup Ready. HiStick inoculant from Helena was applied to the seeds. A couple of universities are showing good yield responses to inoculating soybeans with the new and improved inoculants.

The corn emerged on May 5 and 6, and the soybeans emerged May 8-11. Some of the soybeans had a hard time emerging. It seemed that the relatively cool, wet spring slowed down the crops. Some of the corn in the area was uneven also.

The herbicides we are using for the corn are TopNotch and Hornet. On the soybeans, we are using Dual II Magnum, FirstRate, FlexStar and Fusion.

The soybeans were some of the first up in the area and they attracted a lot of bean leaf beetles, so we sprayed Pounce on all the soybean fields.

TSM-1 foliar fertilizer and insect repellant is again being tested on corn and soybeans at different rates. Several dealers also are using it in some plots. We are testing another foliar fertilizer, which did very well, in our plots last year. This product is being called TSM-2. We used an adjuvant called Agri-Stay with the post herbicides and are using it with TSM-1 and TSM-2 to see if it helps the crop absorb more of the foliar fertilizers. Agri-Stay is partially derived from soybean oil and is very mild on the crop.

Things are growing pretty nicely now, especially on the Walker farm. The corn on the plots with manure have just shot up and are several inches taller than the other corn. You can see pictures of the corn plots by checking out the Walker Farm TSM Corn Plot Pictures 1-9. Click Here to go to the new Picture Gallery to see those pictures.

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