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Kent's Korner

By Kent Durbin, President
TSM Services, Inc.

Last Kent's Corner asked if you knew the average yield for crawfish. No one got it. It is about 1000 pounds per acre and the price right now is about $1.50 per pound.

We have all the extremes in weather within the TSM market arena. Dry in the south to wet in the east and northeast. Here in Illinois, it is about right, if you don't include the baseball size hail.

Out plots are planted and looking good. We evaluated the new research farm where we will study using processed manure in combination with the TSM program, Universities and the product by itself. You do not have any problem picking out the processed manure plots! They are much bigger and darker in color. We will be starting to promote the use of processed chicken manure soon. If you don't hear from us in 60 days and you want to be included, you had better call me.

I have been working on a total package for processing liquid manure such as dairy and swine. If you are interested in this, you will want to contact me for my report. You can process liquid manure starting at the barn pit, remove the water, and transport to a processing facility. The farmer could find that his lagoon is either no longer needed or not needed very much. If the lagoon is still needed, we can set up a system to where you would not empty it very often.

Keep in mind, that within a couple of years, all municipal & animal wastes will be regulated under US EPA 40 CFR Part 503 sludge standards for class A status.

How about golf courses and turf? You need to hear about the amazing story of the Tamahka Trail Golf Club in Louisiana. I recently toured this course which just opened up and it is beautiful. Many say it was due to our program including organic processed manure. Look for this course soon on www.greens.com. Because of this course, I have been invited to California and 2 other states for programs. I hope to have the TSM Golf Course program computerized by this fall. It could be a new market for you.

Pit-Boss is starting to go like the wild fires out west. This is because this product works! If you want a new market in your area and you have either dairy and/or swine, you ought to look into this product.

TSM is coming out with an early order program for all dry products such as pre-mixes and base-mixes. We will be allowing 10% off the net price for orders placed during July, and discounted within 15 days. Delivery can be made anytime. Contact Nina in the Catlin office.

Have you spent your entire "matching dollar fund" yet? The deadline is June 30, 2000. Contact your TSM Account Executive or Nina in our office. If you don't spent it, you lose it.

We will again be having 2 TSM Research Farm Summer Seminars here at Catlin in August. You will receive CCA credits as in the past.

Did you know that if you help us get under contract to another fertilizer dealer, we would reduce your costs to TSM? It is the truth, the more you help with, the cheaper it will be.

The first issue of our new soils program "TSM2001" is on schedule for January, 2001. It will still take some time but we are closer to it than we have ever been.

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